Grilling Tips

Grilling 101: An Introductory Course on the Basics of Grilling

Grilling is one of America's most popular cooking methods and a favorite pastime of men and women alike. But getting started can be a bit intimidating - How do I start it? What temperature should I use for cooking a burger? How do I clean it? Is it safe? The ten-part Grilling 101 Series from American Made Grills answers these questions, and more so you can begin experimenting and safely enjoying your new grill.

Grilling 101: The Basics of Keeping Your Grill Clean

The Grilling 101 Series is winding down, and we are bringing you the Basics of Keeping Your Grill Clean. By keeping your grill clean, you won't expose your family to the dangers of bacteria and grease buildup. Following these easy guidelines and steps will keep your grill functioning and looking terrific and yield better-tasting food every time!

5 Reasons to Replace Your Grill

If the grill you have now is not doing the job, how do you know if it just needs some elbow grease or it’s time to replace it? Here are 5 Reasons to Replace Your Grill to help you evaluate the state of your current grill. When playing with fire, safety is paramount to keep from endangering yourself, your loved ones, or your home.

How To Maintain Your Gas Grill – An Easy Care Guide

The greatest danger to the lifespan of your grill is a lack of common maintenance. Implementing some simple routine care will go a long way in protecting your investment and enjoying your grill for years to come. We have created this easy-care guide on How to Maintain Your Gas Grill to cover simple tips you can use through the grilling season until winterizing and storing for the following season.

How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Gas Grill
Keep your stainless steel grill looking brilliant and lustrous through regular maintenance and cleaning. We are passionate about outdoor living and freshly grilled meals, and a dirty grill is an eyesore, degrading your grill’s performance and the taste of your food. These tips will keep your grill looking the new and pristine focal point of your outdoor kitchen that it should.