It's BBQ season, and your grill should be a gateway to the outside, not an obstruction because of its low-quality features, faulty design, or need of repair. To help you know if it's time to repair or replace your grill, here are 5 Reasons to Replace Your Grill.

Just about every grill will break down eventually, even with regular maintenance. You may think your old grill is just fine, but it might be time for an upgrade. Repairable issues or items are minor gas leaks, uneven heating, damaged venturi tubes, rusty grill grates, broken regulator, broken lights, and other gas burner issues.

Some faults that arise are deal-breakers because they compromise your safety, requiring replacement. When playing with fire, safety is paramount to keep from endangering yourself, your loved ones, or your home. The following five issues are significant reasons to replace your current grill.

1. Rusty or Cracked Firebox

A firebox that is rusted or cracked compromises the safety of the grill and must be replaced. The heat from continued use will make this issue worse, so it’s best to replace your old unit as soon as possible.

5 Reasons to Replace Your Grill

2. Gas Leaks

Perform a bubble test on your gas hoses and connector by spraying them with soapy water and turn on the gas. If bubbling is observed, then there's a leak. It may be possible to repair it by replacing a hose, but sometimes you'll need an entire replacement to get that fixed properly.

3. Heavy Grease Buildup

Grease is a major safety hazard. As with all machines and appliances, regular cleaning is essential to maintain peak performance. A significant accumulation of grease and debris can become a severe fire hazard. If left unchecked, the continued use of your grill can cause this greasy deposit to become too substantial to scrape away, requiring replacement.

4. Structural Stability

The structural integrity of your grill will be tested over time until it's just not safe to use anymore. Wear, corrosion, age all take a toll on metal grills that can lead to catastrophic failure if something doesn't change. Stop using your grill immediately if you experience any cracks in the body, frame, or supports.

5. New Features and Abilities

Do you find yourself tinkering with your grill? If so, there are many features and accessories available in today's grills. These include:

  • Rotisserie attachments for roasting meats
  • Infrared burners to sear steaks quickly
  • LED lights for better illumination while cooking
  • Matching side burners for cooking sauces and sides at the same time
  • Hybrid fuel options
  • Shelves and storage

High-performance grills are designed to be the best of both worlds, with amazing craftsmanship and various features that provide a superior, safe grilling experience. If you find yourself without the tools and options you prefer, purchasing a new grill is prudent and rewarding.

5 Reasons to Replace Your Grill

Time to Replace Your Grill?

If the grill you have now is not doing the job, it may be time to replace it with a new, more efficient one from American Made Grills. We offer the best high-quality grills on the market for the definitive grilling experience. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and support every step of the way. Order your new grill today!

May 25, 2021 — Jason Klein