Grilling Tips

How to Grill a Moist and Delicious Turkey for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is festive but stressful trying to juggle the space and cooking times, so everything is ready for the big feast. Taking the turkey outside alleviates much of the log jam, and your spouse will love the help! Unmatched mesquite flavor and healthier results make this the preferred method. For tips on how to grill a moist and delicious turkey, check out this week's blog.

Understanding How Gas Grills Work

Gas grills are one of the most famous pieces of outdoor equipment and a frequent kitchen technique for various reasons. Because there is no open flame or hot coals, they're simple to use and forgiving. But what is it that makes gas grills tick? This article will look at how gas grills work and some tips about maximizing their potential.

The Future of Grilling: Hybrid Grills

The future of grilling is hybrid grills! With these innovative grills,  you can have the best of both worlds, from taste and convenience to power and price. People looking for a more straightforward, high-quality way to enjoy their outdoors should consider hybrid grills. These grills are also an excellent choice for anyone who wants to experiment with different cooking methods and techniques. If you're interested in optimal outdoor cooking, read on to see how hybrid grills are an excellent way to give your BBQs new life!

How to Achieve the Perfect Smoked Flavor When Grilling

With the holidays coming, smoking is a popular way of preparing traditional favorites. Whether it's smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving or holiday pork, we want to give you the tools to experiment with your gas grill on how to achieve the perfect smoked flavor when grilling. Getting that smoky flavor everyone craves is not one reserved for dedicated smokers, and we will show you how.

How to Use Your Gas Grill

Do you feel like a deer in headlights when standing before your new gas grill? Everyone's been there, but we are here to help. Gas grills operate efficiently and produce healthy food without the bother of charcoal or lighter fluid. We've outlined some essential tips on how to use a gas grill to help you learn and turn out tasty dishes on your grill every time.

Kobe vs. Wagyu: Which Beef Is Better?

Wagyu and Kobe beef are two world-renowned types of beef that come from different parts of the world and have varying tastes. Wagyu is more common, while Kobe beef is considered rarer. In this blog, we will go over the differences between Wagyu and Kobe, their origins, main characteristics, what you should be looking for when purchasing these cuts of meat.

Grilling 101- The Basics of Grilling Fruit and Veggies

Grilling fruit and veggies is an easy and flavorful way to spice up any barbeque meal. The rich flavors of grilling fruit can often outshine the centerpiece proteins, while the subtle charring and touch of smoke bring out the best characteristic in vegetables. Understanding that different ingredients will result in different cooking times, textures, and flavors making it a whole new experience!

5 Reasons to Replace Your Grill

If the grill you have now is not doing the job, how do you know if it just needs some elbow grease or it’s time to replace it? Here are 5 Reasons to Replace Your Grill to help you evaluate the state of your current grill. When playing with fire, safety is paramount to keep from endangering yourself, your loved ones, or your home.

Lump Charcoal vs. Briquettes – Which is Better?
Both have been used for years to grill terrific dishes, and the proponents of each have strong feelings about the other, so which is better – lump charcoal or briquettes. Lump is the premier choice of fuel for professional grillers and amateurs for searing and shorter grill sessions, whereas briquettes are cheaper, easier to control and burn longer. Read on as we take on the debate of lump charcoal vs. briquettes – which is better?
How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Gas Grill
Keep your stainless steel grill looking brilliant and lustrous through regular maintenance and cleaning. We are passionate about outdoor living and freshly grilled meals, and a dirty grill is an eyesore, degrading your grill’s performance and the taste of your food. These tips will keep your grill looking the new and pristine focal point of your outdoor kitchen that it should.