We all know that grilling is the best way to get outside and enjoy life. But, it's not always easy to find a grill that can meet your needs. Here are six reasons to shop for your grill from American Made Grills for a completely new outdoor lifestyle you'll enjoy!

American Made Grills are built with high-quality materials and designed for years of use. They come in gas or hybrid fuel options so you can choose what works best for you. You won't have to worry about replacing your grill every couple of years because these grills are made to last!

With American Made Grills, you get more performance and features than any other comparable grill at a third of the price. These grills will give you an unforgettable outdoor experience while saving money at the same time. Let's dive into the six reasons these grills surpass the competition.

6 Reasons to Buy Your Grill From American Made Grills

1. Made in America

First and foremost, American Made Grills are proudly crafted and built in America by hard-working, industrious Americans. Each component and accessory is designed and constructed to the highest standards with excellent customer support and warranty from fellow grilling enthusiasts. From design to finish, American Made Grills are made with American living and expectations in mind. 

The American ingenuity that built our great country is still present in our company's mission today. We believe in our employees who craft and factory test each product in Huntington Beach, CA. With careful precision and skill, each component is engineered to the highest standard so that the final product is impressively luxurious. This comes from our staff's hours of diligence and hard work because they believe the product is worth the investment.  

That investment of expertise and care is manifested in each American Made Grills product with shimmering looks and unrivaled performance. Our team builds our grills to last the rigors of use and weather using tried and true manufacturing practices. We confidently stand by our work, so each grill comes with first-rate support and a lifetime warranty on construction and manufacturer defects, frame, cooking grates, burners, and fuel trays. American Made Grills are top of the class with arresting design and meticulous craft, affording a grilling experience unlike any other.

2. Craftsmanship

Redefining outdoor cooking, the craftsmanship and design of every American Made Grills' model are sleek and stunning. More than any appliance, these grills are statement pieces, adding character and breathtaking beauty to your outdoor kitchen.

6 Reasons to Buy Your Grill From American Made Grills

We build our products to meet the high expectations and attention to detail of the luxury outdoor living market. Using the best materials and precision technology to produce each grill in Huntington Beach, CA, we deliver a product that elevates your outdoor living experience.

Each grill brings bold style and quality that you feel the first time you lift the hood from our signature hardware and lighting to the shimmering body and modern lines. Loved by professionals and grilling enthusiasts, American Made Grills provide unrivaled craftsmanship and quality, making them ideal for anyone who enjoys grilling!

3. Versatility

Besides stellar craftsmanship and quality, American Made Grills offer innovative versatility, giving you greater tools and flexibility to cook, grill, sear, and roast the way you want, when you want. American Made Grills offers the most value in one package, from high-quality accessories and features to hybrid fuel options.


The American Made Grills Model line includes the Estate gas grill, the Encore hybrid grill, and the Muscle hybrid grill. Each model has #304 stainless steel construction, interior and exterior lighting, spring-assisted hood, rotisserie storage, maximum cooking surface, heavy-duty grill grates, and custom handles crafted with precision to meet the highest quality standards.

Additionally, each model is available freestanding with a custom grill cart or built-in. The built-in model allows you to craft the perfect outdoor environment, building it into a custom outdoor kitchen island.

6 Reasons to Buy Your Grill From American Made Grills


Packing in the value with features and accessories, each model includes a custom vinyl grill cover, rotisserie kit, stainless steel griddle, drop-In infrared sear burner, smoker tray, and care kit. You can also purchase a matching side burner for each model with matching faces, knobs, handles, and lighting to add indoor functionality to your outdoor kitchen.

Hybrid Capabilities

The Hybrid Series from American Made Grills give you to cook with any fuel, bringing limitless possibilities to your outdoor cooking. With patented fuel trays, use the gas burners to light solid fuels like charcoal, lump coal, hardwood, pellets, and more. Cook with gas, charcoal, or both in one machine to expand your technique. The Encore Grill and Muscle Grill are bring the same unparalleled performance in two packages. With ultimate flexibility, American Made Grills' Hybrid Series offers the one grill that can do anything.

4. Durability

Every whole is only as good as its parts, so each product from American Made Grills is proudly designed, built, and factory tested in the USA. Each component and accessory is designed and constructed to the highest standards with excellent customer support and warranty from fellow grilling enthusiasts.

Featuring complete #304 steel construction and innovative designs for maximum airflow, our grills are designed for precision and speed, and it delivers with style and power. Durability and beauty have made 304 the hottest grade of stainless steel on the market. It is a T300 Series Austenitic Stainless Steel with a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, combined with a maximum of 0.08% carbon. This alloy is extremely durable, temperature resistant, and provides a beautiful finish.

Built for high performance, these grills are only as good as how long they last. American Made Grills come with first-rate support and a lifetime warranty on construction and manufacturer defects, frame, cooking grates, burners, and fuel trays. All other parts and the electrical system have a one-year warranty.

The Estate Grill and Power Burner

5. Value

American Made Grills give you the best value and features of any comparable grill while lasting twice as long as most other grills. Built to last a lifetime, American Made Grills give you more value at a much lower price than similar grills! At a fraction of the cost of the competition, American Made Grills offer superior performance and features.

You can not get American-made craftsmanship loaded with these features for less.

The Atlas Series from American Made Grills

Estate Series

American-crafted excellence has now become standard. Rooted in a legacy of precision engineering and tailored for connoisseurs of quality, the Estate Grill exemplifies finesse and superior gas grilling. Each time you lift its spring-assisted hood and witness the glow of its red brass burners, you'll know the difference. Discover the pinnacle of American craftsmanship with the Estate Grill, where unmatched performance isn't just an expectation—it's a guarantee.

Hybrid Series

Welcome to the future of grilling, American-made. The Hybrid Grill Series redefines the boundaries of backyard cuisine with ultimate versatility and American-made quality. With our patented multi-fuel trays, the days of choosing between gas, charcoal, or wood are gone. The Hybrid Grill Series harmoniously combines all the most popular fuel sources under one unified, versatile hood, offering a cooking experience like no other. At a fraction of the cost of its competitor, our hybrid grills bring unmatched value and mojo to any backyard feast. Unlock the full potential of flavor and versatility while gathering around to create unforgettable dining moments.

Atlas Series

Handmade American craftsmanship has never been more affordable. We made the Atlas Grill to bring American-made performance and luxury at an accessible price point. This luxury gas grill line embodies durability, sophisticated design, and innovation, inviting you to cook well into the evening. Savor the convenience of easy-clean ceramic briquette trays, multi-position warming racks, and new square cooking grates that increase the contact surface area with your food. The Atlas Grill integrates seamlessly into your outdoor kitchen, promising style, functionality, and a genuine American-made grilling experience.

6 Reasons to Buy Your Grill From American Made Grills

6. The Definitive Grilling Experience

Life is too short to spend indoors. From American Made Grills, you can experience the best grilling experience money can buy. Bring unmatched versatility, craftsmanship, and value to your cooking with meaningful encounters with the superior grilling experience.

Get the grill that will revolutionize your outdoor cooking and say goodbye to replacement grills every few years. American Made Grills are proudly designed and produced in the United States, using industry-leading practices. Choose between gas, solid fuel, or both, exploring new techniques and combinations for unique culinary adventures.

For a third of the price of any comparable grill, American Made Grills provide more outstanding performance and value that other brands can't touch. Configure your new grill and start your journey today!