The Estate Series - perfect for any setting!

Whether you're a sizzling steak aficionado, a summer BBQ enthusiast who lives for long weekends by the grill, or you enjoy the homely aroma of grilled veggies wafting through your outdoor space, the Estate Grill is about to change the way you think about outdoor cooking. American Made Grills is dedicated to American craftsmanship at its finest, serving up sizzling, succulent dishes with an unmistakable touch.

In Huntington Beach, California, American Made Grills has been serving the grilling community for years. We offer more than just a product—it's about a heritage you can feel and a taste that reminds you why quality outlasts the quick grill fix. Here's why the Estate Grill stands out, and your next cookout needs a dose of American tradition.

American Made Grills in Huntington Beach, CA

A Legacy of Precision Engineering

Since its inception, American Made Grills has set out to combine American manufacturing with premium grilling performance. Every grill, rain or shine, is handcrafted by engineers who value precision and a perfect grilling experience. The Estate Series bears that legacy, offering cooking precision that equals the craftsmanship behind its assembly.

Premium Quality & Style

Crafted from the highest-grade stainless steel, the Estate Grill isn't just a cooking apparatus; it's a statement. Its sleek lines echo the modern kitchen, reimagined in outdoor form. With the Estate Grill, you're not just cooking but setting a stage for outdoor feasting.

The Estate Grill: Feature Rich & Savory

Red Brass Burners come stock in the Estate Series

State-of-the-Art Technology

The Estate Grill boasts an array of cutting-edge features designed to enhance your grilling experience. From optional smoker baskets to the LED control knobs that light up your evening grilling sessions, technology marries tradition in the Estate Grill.

Space and Power

With ample cooking space, a cooking surface that protects from flare-ups, and a sear burner that's the envy of every grill master, the Estate Grill is ready for anything you throw its way. Up to three 26,000 BTU red brass burners are more than a convenience; they're a sign of a grill that caters to the serious cook.

Versatile and Durable

An Estate Grill is not just for summer. With its precise temperature control, you can confidently grill year-round. The durable construction means your Estate Grill will stand the test of time, and maintenance will be as easy as the first day you bring it home.

Our Most Attractive Pricing Ever - Save Now on The Estate Grill

In a world where price often dictates quality, American Made Grills is turning that notion on its head. The Estate Grill comes equipped with a price tag that is a testament to the company's commitment to its customers. Quality need not be exclusive, and we've made it accessible.

Outdoor Living Starts with the Kitchen

Drop in Infrared Sear Burner for the perfect sear to lock in moisture

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. But in the warmer months, that heart moves outdoors. The Estate Grill isn't just about cooking food; it's about creating moments that pay homage to American tradition, togetherness, and the spirit of outdoor living.

With every detail carefully considered, from the ergonomic design to the patented cooking surfaces, when you invest in the Estate Grill, you invest in moments—moments with friends, with family, and even moments of self-celebration as you plate up the perfect grill.

Join the American Made Grills family and make the Estate Grill the center of your outdoor moments. It's a promise of performance, a promise of pride, and above all, a promise of the American-made quality that you can bring into your own backyard.

April 22, 2024 — Jason Klein