The sizzle of savory steaks and the charred perfection of a burger are seasonal delights, especially as we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Spring and Summer. For the discerning grilling enthusiast, the right equipment can kick those culinary conquests into overdrive. Have you considered upgrading to a hybrid grill for the ultimate outdoor cooking experience?

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the world of hybrid grills, focusing on the revolutionary offerings from American Made Grills, designed to transform your grilling sessions into an art form. Discover why the versatility of a hybrid grill is not just a luxury but a necessity for those who are serious about their outdoor cooking.

The 54" Muscle Grill with the look and feel of Classic Muscle Cars and Hot Rods

What Exactly is a Hybrid Grill from American Made Grills?

The Hybrid Grill Series from American Made Grills goes beyond the traditional single-fuel experience. It's a revelation for grilling purists who refuse to be confined to one fuel type. A Hybrid Grill allows you to burn gas, charcoal, hardwood, lump coal — pretty much any fuel you believe can enhance the flavors of your creations. 

The secret lies in the design; these grills are equipped with stainless steel gas burners that work harmoniously with high-quality solid fuel trays. The result is an exceptional range of cooking techniques and flavors that no other grill can rival.

The Benefits and Advantages of Our Hybrid Grills

Versatility with multi-fuel system

Unmatched Versatility

A hybrid grill's unique ability to adapt its grilling method on the fly sets it apart. Begin with the simplicity and convenience of gas to quickly ignite the solid fuels of your choice. Fancy a rotisserie chicken with a smokey flavor? You got it. Your hybrid grill is your ally in crafting whatever style of food you desire.

Perfect Heat Distribution

Our grills achieve perfect heat distribution with custom grates for an unrivaled cooking experience. Utilize your total BTUs across the entire grill surface without worrying about hot spots and uneven cooking—that's 110,000 BTUs on our 36" model and 176,000 BTUs on the 54".

Innovative Multi-Fuel System

Picture searing over lump coal, sautéing on a gas flame, and smoking with mesquite wood chips. The Hybrid Grill Series offers a solution that integrates all the favored fuels under one hood using our patented multi-fuel trays.

Expansive Cooking Surface

The Encore and Muscle Grill offer larger grill surfaces than any similar grill on the market. You can effortlessly divide the grill into sections for various temperatures and fuels, allowing you to cook a complete meal for two at once or swiftly handle a large amount of food for bigger gatherings with precision and efficiency.

Reversible V-Grates

Each hybrid grill includes our durable and elegant reversible 9-gauge stainless steel V-Grates, designed for optimal performance. Supported by a leading industry warranty, these grates are durable and offer extensive cooking options for various fuel mixtures.

The Muscle Grill is ready for Spring

Premium Gas Burners

With up to eight 14-gauge #304 stainless steel burners at 22,000 BTUs each and easy-start flamethrower valves with backup manual lighting tubes, starting your gas, coal, or wood sources is effortless and efficient.

Luxury Quality and Features

Each Hybrid Grill by American Made Grills is a testament to craftsmanship and quality. With a signature stainless steel construction and a plethora of features, such as patent-pending fuel trays, warming rack, interior halogen lighting, and exterior LED lighting, the build of these grills is as impressive as their performance.

Endless Grilling Possibilities

Experimentation is key to mastering the grilling craft. With the Hybrid Grill Series, the sky's the limit. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination, from searing with a drop-in infrared burner to slow-smoking with your favorite hardwood.

Premium #304 Stainless Steel

#304 stands out as the top choice in stainless steel grade for both durability and aesthetics, making it our go-to for hybrid grills. We carefully select premium American #304 stainless steel renowned for its resilience against weather and temperature, exceptional durability, and impeccable appearance.

100% Made in the USA

All our grilling products are machined and crafted with utmost care, utilizing top-quality materials. They undergo a comprehensive design, construction, and testing process at our Huntington Beach, California factory, ensuring superior quality and performance for our customers.

Best in the Industry Gold Standard Warranty

Invest in AMD Direct products, knowing they come with the industry's most robust warranty. Alongside top-notch engineering and exceptional performance, our AMD Direct products boast the GOLD STANDARD LIFETIME WARRANTY, covering all replacement parts with a 100% non-prorated policy.

The 54" Encore Hybrid Grill

Introducing the Hybrid Grill Series: Encore and Muscle

Two outstanding designs within the American Made Grills' Hybrid Grill series offer subtle variations to cater to different tastes and needs. Both grills are available in 36" and 54", freestanding or built-in, and share the core features that have solidified American Made Grills' reputation in the grilling community.

The Encore Grill

The Encore is a name that resonates with those who appreciate elegance without compromising on rugged performance. With its classic design cues and the latest grilling technology, the Encore is the perfect complement to any outdoor space.

The Muscle Grill

Engineered for those who demand the best, the Muscle Grill incorporates the vibrato and style of classic muscle cars, offering high-intensity cooking capabilities without sacrificing the finesse required for your most delicate grilling projects.

American Made Grills 2024 Spring Kickoff Event

Nothing is better than hybrid grill and the view

To mark the turning of the season, American Made Grills is rolling out an exclusive offer to celebrate the beginning of spring. 

2024 Spring Kickoff Promotion:

  • When you purchase a 36" Hybrid Grill, you'll receive a $250 Amex Gift Card
  • Opt for the 54" Hybrid Grill; your reward is doubled with a $500 Amex Gift Card

It's the deal of the year for those looking to invest in the ultimate luxury grilling experience. Each Hybrid Grill also comes with the following included accessories:

  • Grate Lifting Tool
  • Vinyl Grill Cover
  • Rotisserie Kit
  • Stainless Steel Griddle
  • Drop-In Infrared Sear Burner
  • Fuel Kit

The 2024 Spring Kickoff Event is not just about selling grills but inviting you to a community of precision cooking enthusiasts. Your Hybrid Grill is not just a product; it's an entry into a world where every grilling session is an adventure, and every meal is a masterpiece.

Freestanding Encore Hybrid Grill

The Grilling Season Awaits You

Spring is not just about rebirth and rejuvenation; it's also the season that kickstarts all our outdoor adventures, including the sacred art of grilling. With a Hybrid Grill from American Made Grills, you don't just grill; you experience the pinnacle of outdoor cooking

Take advantage of our 2024 Spring Kickoff! It's time to elevate your grilling standards and prepare for an unforgettable Spring and Summer. This is your invitation to unlock an unparalleled world of grilling excellence. Purchase your Hybrid Grill today, and fire up the passion and the flavor. 

March 11, 2024 — Jason Klein