You want the best of both worlds when it comes to grilling, but you're not sure if a hybrid grill is an answer. It can be hard to know which grill is right for you. Do you go with a tried and true gas grill? Or do you switch things up and try charcoal?

The Encore Grill and the multi-fuel loading system

The hybrid grills from American Made Grills are the perfect choice for anyone looking for the best of both worlds. With these hybrid grills, you'll get all the flavor of charcoal and hardwood grilling with the convenience of gas! This blog will show why hybrid grills are the most versatile grills on the market!

How Hybrid Grills Work

Grilling has come a long way from its origins as a crude cooking method to an art form acknowledged by many, with competitions and special-interest groups devoted to it. One of the newer developments in grilling is the hybrid grill, which combines the best aspects of gas and charcoal grills for a unique experience!

Hybrid grills can use a gas flame to ignite charcoal or other solid fuels. This allows you to have the convenience of a gas grill with the flavor of a charcoal grill. The benefits of using a hybrid grill are that you can cook with different fuel types, depending on your preference. You can also control the temperature more quickly than with a charcoal grill.

Some hybrid grills have multiple burner zones so that you can cook simultaneously with different temperature zones. This is perfect for those who like to sear their meat or vegetables while also slow-cooking something else on the grill. Hybrid grills also come in various sizes to find one perfect for your needs.

Lump coal is easy to use in a hybrid grill

Why are Hybrid Grills Versatile?

The best perk of owning a hybrid grill is that you can cook with multiple fuel sources, so you're not limited to one type of cooking. This comes in handy because it allows users to pick which fuel they want to use depending on what they'll be grilling.

Burn hardwood and charcoal in the Encore hybrid grill

For example, you can use natural gas to sear your steaks for a quick and easy evening meal. However, if smoked ribs are on the menu, you'll want to set up the grill with charcoal and wood chips for that perfect texture and flavor.

A hybrid grill offers the best of both worlds by allowing you to use liquid and solid fuels. You can use the gas burners to light the charcoal or create a gas zone for searing and a charcoal zone for roasting on the same grill. This provides new grilling experiences and opens up endless possibilities.

Hybrid grills are all the rage due to their unprecedented ability to provide options with gas, charcoal, or other solid fuels. With modern cooks always looking for ways to improve their culinary skills, it's no wonder these grills will continue to grow in popularity.

Features of Hybrid Grills 

If you love being outdoors and cooking your food, chances are you're an avid grill enthusiast. And owning multiple grills is not uncommon for people in this hobby because each grill serves its purpose. For example, a gas grill is best used for cooking hot dogs or hamburgers, while a charcoal grill imparts a smoky flavor to meats that you can't replicate with other methods. But what if one type of grill could do it all? Enter the hybrid grill! A hybrid Grill offers all of the features of any other grill plus additional functions like searing and smoking--allowing your food to reach new levels of deliciousness!

Use charcoal and gas alike in a hybrid grill

As the hybrid grill combines the characteristics of gas and charcoal grills, it has several features that set it apart from traditional grills.

  • Crafted with gas or propane burners for a fast heat-up time
  • The temperature control is more precise than other solid fuel grills
  • This product comes with removable compartments, or fuel trays, to make it easy to handle charcoal, lump coal, hardwood, pellets, or anything else.
  • Barbecue to your heart's content with that authentic mesquite flavor.
  • Available in built-in models or freestanding
  • The ability to customize your barbecue with unique features, like side burners or additional attachments

Hybrid grills are becoming more popular because they offer multiple features that make grilling more fun and efficient. A hybrid grill will fill future cookouts with unlimited possibilities for new flavor combinations!

The Muscle Grill is an absolute beast!

The Encore Grill and Muscle Grill from American Made Grills

American Made Grills' Hybrid Collection provides the best grilling experience with two models: Encore Grill and Muscle Grill. With a multi-fuel system, all-#304 stainless steel construction, innovative features, and much more, these grills will revolutionize your outdoor kitchen and make your next event successful.

American Made Grills is devoted to giving the best outdoor cooking experience and has over 20 years of experience designing and supplying quality stainless grills. With the industry rapidly growing, they use new technology and experimentation with grilling methods, features, recipes, and more to maintain their title as one of the leaders in grill manufacturing.

The Muscle Grill can burn anything fast!

From the beginning, they have dreamt about a barbecue grill solution that combines all of the most popular and desired fuels under one hood. Imagine the possibility of searing over lump coal, sautéing over a controlled gas flame, while smoking simultaneously with mesquite wood chips- all while still having room to spare. The Hybrid Collection is the solution manufactured in Huntington Beach, CA.

Try Hybrid Grilling for a Whole New Experience

If you're looking for a new grilling experience, consider trying a hybrid grill from American Made Grills. With all of the features these grills offer, you'll be able to explore a world of new flavor possibilities that will take your cooking skills to the next level.

Get a grill that offers maximum versatility with the Encore or Muscle Grill. A hybrid grill can cook with different fuel types and temperature zones, depending on your preference. We have a hybrid grill in various sizes to fit your needs. So what are you waiting for? Get grilling today!

The Encore Grill is ready to transform your outdoor kitchen