Autumn is a time of comfort foods, seasonal favorites, and holiday parties. As we approach the fall season, warm tones, textures, and flavors become more and more desired. Additionally, as the temperatures drop, grilling and smoking long and slow are preferred, so the chef doesn't have to babysit the grill in the frigid outdoors.

Smoked brisket

Smoking meat is a bit of an art form, but don't let that intimidate you! A hybrid grill is a type of grill that can be used with both solid fuels and gas or propane. This is the perfect type of grill for smoking meat because it provides the ideal combination of indirect heat and smoky flavor. With this guide, you'll be able to confidently smoke any type of meat on your hybrid grill.

What is a Hybrid Grill?

The debate between charcoal and gas advocates has been going on for years, with each side claiming their preferred method of grilling is better. But what if there was a grill that could give you the best of both worlds? A hybrid grill is precisely that – a grill that you can use with both charcoal and gas.

A hybrid grill gives you the features and advantages of solid fuel grills and gas grills in one package, giving you the flexibility to grill with different methods.

The Encore Hybrid Grill from American Made Grills

American Made Grills' Hybrid Collection Sets a New Standard in Grilling

If you're looking for a high-quality hybrid grill, look no further than American Made Grills. We offer a wide selection of grills that are perfect for smoking meat, like our Encore and Muscle Grills. These top-of-the-line grills feature unrivaled power and flexibility to grill anything you want, how you want it. With a multi-fuel loading system, each grill can use any combination of fuels for a genuinely custom grilling experience.

Use different fuels at the same time with The Muscle Hybrid Grill

Cheap hybrid grills only add the gas hookups to a solid fuel firebox and call it a day. American Made Grills have created a true hybrid experience, combining luxury grilling features and craftmanship with patent-pending fuel trays over each gas burner. The result is a multi-fuel chameleon - cook with gas or charcoal, smoke with hardwood or pellets, set up multiple zones on the expansive cooking surface, and more.

With the Encore and Muscle Grills, we will completely change how you approach grilling, smoking, and outdoor cooking!

How to Smoke Meat on a Hybrid Grill

Now that you know what a hybrid grill is and why American Made Grills are the superior product, it's time to learn how to use one for smoking your favorite meat! Follow these steps, and you'll be smoking meat like a pro in no time.

Step One: Choose Your Fuel Source

Loading the Encore fuel trays

One of the great things about owning a hybrid grill is using charcoal, lump coal, hardwood, pellets, or gas as your fuel source. If you're using charcoal, choose a high-quality brand that burns hot and evenly. If you're using gas, simply turn on one side of the burner to medium heat. You'll also need wood chips or chunks for smoking flavor, so be sure to soak them in water for at least 30 minutes before using them.

Step Two: Set Up Your Grill for Indirect Heat

Whether using charcoal or gas, you'll need to set up your grill for indirect heat to smoke meat properly. Due to the fuel trays on the American Made Grills' hybrid grills, you have five to eight positions depending on the size of your grill. You can place lump coal on one side of the cooking surface and wood chips on the other or experiment with combinations. Additionally, any solid fuel can be lit and jumpstarted with powerful gas burners since each fuel tray sits over a burner.

To set up the Muscle or Encore grill for indirect heat, use two burners on one side or the two outside burners, keeping the meat in over the unlit burners.

Step Three: Place Your Meat on the Grill

Once your grill is set up for indirect heat, it’s time to place your meat on the grill! Place your meat on the grates over the empty side of the grill (or away from the lit burner if you’re using gas) and close the lid.

Soaked wood chips for smoking

Step Four: Add Wood Chips or Chunks for Flavor (Optional)

If you want to add some extra smoky flavor to your meat, now is the time to add wood chips or chunks to another burner tray. These can be soaked ahead of time to create smoky steam inside the grills.

You can skip this step if you grill with hardwood or pellets rather than charcoal or gas.

Step Five: Monitor Your Meat Temperature Regularly

Easily manage the fuel and temperature of the Encore Hybrid Grill

It's essential to monitor your meat temperature regularly while smoking so that you don't overcook or undercook it. A consistently low temperature of 225 degrees or lower is preferred for smoking. To maintain this temperature and the time needed to smoke your meat, you must watch the grill's temperature and add more fuel as needed.

Use a digital meat thermometer probe to check the internal temperature of your meat every 30 minutes or so.

Step Six: Remove Your Meat from the Grill When It Reaches Desired Temperature

Once your meat reaches its desired temperature, remove it from the grill and let it rest for 10-15 minutes before carving and serving. Some accepted temperatures for cooked meat are:

  • Beef: 145° F for medium rare, 160° F for medium, 170° F for well-done
  • Poultry: 165° F
  • Pork: 145° F
Craft an outdoor experience with American Made Grills

The Options are Endless with American Made Grills' Hybrid Grills!

Now that you know the basics of how to smoke meat on a hybrid grill, the possibilities are endless! You can use charcoal or gas (or both), set up multiple zones on the expansive cooking surface, and more. The Encore and Muscle Grills will change how you approach grilling, smoking, and outdoor cooking in general!

With fall here and Thanksgiving coming, you can start practicing now so that you’re a pro by the time the big day arrives. Your family and friends will be impressed with your smoked turkey, ham, or beef roast. So, what are you waiting for? Get grilling!

September 19, 2022 — Jason Klein