Who says you have to pack away the grill when winter comes? Put away your snow shovels and break out your grilling equipment; it's time to show off your winter grilling skills! With these tips from American Made Grills, you can enjoy the same great flavor all year.

Grilling in Winter? No Problem! 

With the arrival of winter, many people think grilling is out of the question. But with the right tips and tricks, you can get your grill fired up even in the coldest months. Here are some helpful tips to help you make the most of your winter grilling experience.


Grilling in cold weather can take longer, so plan accordingly. Make sure you give your grill enough time to heat up and maintain an even temperature for the best results. It pays to be patient when grilling, so don't rush it!

Keeping the grill hot in cold weather is essential

Keep Your Fire Hot 

The key to successful winter grilling is to ensure that your grill stays hot enough to cook your food effectively. To do this, your grill must have high-powered gas burners or use high-quality charcoal briquettes or lump wood charcoal. The colder temperatures and wind will require high, consistent heat, which will last longer and produce higher heat than regular charcoal.

Fuel Up

When cooking in cold weather, it's essential to have enough fuel on hand. If you're grilling with gas, keep a full tank of propane or natural gas so that you don't run out during the grilling. For charcoal grills, stock up on briquettes and lump wood charcoal, keeping enough on hand to last the duration of your cookout.

Keep the grill hood closed to retain heat in winter temperatures

Keep Your Grill Hood Closed

Grilling in cold weather requires extra effort to ensure harsh elements don't ruin food. The first step is to keep your grill hood closed as much as possible. By keeping the lid shut, you can effectively trap the heat inside, helping your food cook more evenly and protecting it from the icy chill of low temperatures. Not only does this make for better-tasting results, but it can also help prevent any potential grilling mishaps and make for a safer cooking environment.

Create a Wind Shield 

Another trick for successful winter grilling is to create a windshield between your grill and any gusty weather outside. You can easily do this by setting up a screen or tarp behind your grill to block out strong winds. This will help prevent heat from escaping and keep temperatures consistent throughout cooking. 

Dress Appropriately 

Finally, don't forget about yourself! When grilling during the winter months, it's essential to dress appropriately for the cold weather to stay comfortable while working outside. Invest in suitable quality gloves, a hat, and warm clothing to enjoy your outdoor cooking experience even in chilly temperatures. 

Cover Up 

Invest in a good cover for your grill to stay protected from the elements while not in use. This will also help insulate and maintain heat when you are grilling. Make sure to take off the cover before starting your grill.

Keep your grill covered when not in use

More Tips for Winter Grilling

Make sure you're stocked up on fuel and supplies

Make sure you have the right tools.

The key to successful winter grilling has the right tools. Invest in a high-quality grill that will last through cold temperatures, wind, and snow. American Made Grills has various options ranging from kamado-style ceramic cookers to wood pellet smokers. No matter what type of grill you choose, make sure it has insulated walls and double-lined doors to keep the heat contained in the cooking chamber. 

Preheat your grill

Preheating your grill is especially important in cold weather because it ensures that your food is cooked evenly and properly. Before lighting up your grill, ensure it has been preheated for at least 15 minutes, so it's hot enough for cooking. 

Turn up the heat

To get a good sear on your food during winter grilling, you'll need higher temperatures than regular grilling season demands. Increase the temperature on your smoker or charcoal grill by 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit above what you usually use for cooking in warmer months—this will ensure that you get a good sear without sacrificing any flavor or moisture content in the food.

Make your outdoor kitchen amazing any time of year with American Made Grills

Grill All Year with American Made Grills

American Made Grills manufactures superior grills for outdoor cooks who want to make the most of their grilling experience year-round. They are built to endure even the most demanding weather conditions and come with an array of additional features like hybrid capabilities to burn gas and charcoal simultaneously for more flavor and powerful gas grills for rapid preheating and grilling. With these features, plus superior craftsmanship and design, you'll be able to enjoy your barbecues any time of year.

Winter grilling doesn't have to be complicated—it just requires extra preparation and attention to detail! From selecting the right equipment to managing higher temperatures, now's the time to embrace winter grilling and discover new flavors! With these tips from American Made Grills, you can turn up the heat this winter and still enjoy delicious grilled food all year!

January 03, 2023 — Jason Klein