With winter in full form, many homeowners have retired their grills for hibernation until springtime. However, cold weather grilling is becoming increasingly popular, especially during the holidays and even in the coldest months. In fact, one survey reveals more than half of American grill owners grill all year round, and a whopping 37 percent keep on grilling when the temperature dips below freezing.  In this post, we will examine winter grilling tips to keep you grilling in cold weather and throughout the year.

Extend Your Grilling Season All Year Long with These Tips

Winter Grilling Tips to Keep the Barbecue Sizzling in Cold Weather

With grills, features, and equipment evolving at a rapid pace, winter grilling is no longer the domain of hard-core grillers. Anyone can enjoy fresh chargrilled cuisine all year round, regardless of their level of experience. We've put together some pointers to get you started on the road to becoming a winter griller.

01 | Keep the Grill Closed

Keeping the grill closed is the most crucial tip for grilling in cold weather, extreme or mild. Modern grills will certainly heat up and maintain their temperature, but every time the grill is opened and shut, the chilly air trapped inside must be reheated, extending cooking times. Stainless Steel gas grills with the most BTUs you can afford tend to be chosen because of their ease of lighting and maintaining temperatures. Regardless of the grill, keeping it closed while allowing it to perform all of the work is your key to success.

Winter Grilling Tips to Keep the Barbecue Sizzling in Cold Weather

02 | Consider Your Grill Location

Even more than snow, wind may be the most dangerous adversary when grilling. Even modest winds might make lighting a grill difficult, blow out burners and cause gas or propane build-ups, and extend cooking times since the air around the grill is always in motion and not warming. Try to site your grill so that your home or another structure can act as a windbreak while still maintaining a safe distance.

03 | Allow for More Time

Because the outdoor air is colder, preheating your grill will take longer and cooking times will be longer, so prepare accordingly. Most recipes require an extra 15-30 minutes of cook time, depending on the dish. This is once again linked to keeping the grill closed. The shorter your grilling sessions are, the faster they'll cook.

Winter Grilling Tips to Keep the Barbecue Sizzling in Cold Weather

04 | Dress Warm

Bundle up appropriately for the weather, even if you will be by the fire. Wear boots or warm comfy shoes to keep your feet warm and safe. Elastic bands are preferable for warmth and safety, but avoid wearing scarves, tassels, or anything with dangling fringes that may get too near to the flame.

05 | Practice Grill Safety

Practicing grill safety is just as imperative in cold weather as in summer, especially since you may be distracted with staying warm. Keep any debris from snow, ice, or flammable materials out of your working area when grilling. Never cook in your garage or within a confined space, and don't leave the grill unattended with children or pets roaming free.

No Need to Put Your Grill Away for Winter

Winter Grilling Tips to Keep the Barbecue Sizzling in Cold Weather

Whether it's chilly, windy, rainy, or snowy outside - as long as you follow these instructions and procedures, you can have great BBQ any time. In fact, standing around the warm fire while dressed in layers of clothes is actually wonderful for the body and spirits when temperatures drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. With a little creativity and thoughtful planning, winter grilling will soon become a tradition you'll enjoy all year long.

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February 14, 2022 — Jason Klein