As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, it's hard not to long for those lazy summer days. But don't despair – winter can be a great time to grill! With a rotisserie, you can easily cook up a delicious and festive meal in the middle of winter.

Whether you're cooking poultry, beef, pineapple, side dishes, or even soup, the rotisserie will make your dinner easy and tasty. And if your grill doesn't have a rotisserie option, there are many rotisserie attachments available. So bring on the cold weather – with a rotisserie, winter grilling is easy and fun!

The Wonder of Winter Rotisserie Grilling!

What is a Rotisserie, and Why is it Useful?

A rotisserie is a tool that rotates the meat over the heat source, allowing it to cook on all sides. The rotisserie uses a spick and smaller metal forks to hold the food while the spit slowly turns. This method allows for even cooking and maximum tenderness since all parts of the meat are exposed to direct heat during the cooking process.

Types of Food That You Can Cook on a Rotisserie

You can cook just about any type of food on a rotisserie, not just meats. Other common rotisserie foods are vegetables, fruits, poultry, and desserts. The main requirement is that the desired ingredients are large enough to stay on the rotisserie spick while it rotates or be tied with some butcher's twine.

The Wonder of Winter Rotisserie Grilling!

Whether roasting whole birds, roasts, or large fruit and vegetables, a pan underneath the rotisserie to collect the juices is a popular favorite for creating tasty side dishes like potatoes, stuffing, and more.

You can also use the rotisserie to mimic another cooking style – rotisserie smoking gives you wonderfully crispy skin! Likewise, rotisserie grilling results in exceptionally tender and juicy meat, perfect for rotisserie pulled pork.

The rotisserie is perfect for generating tender, succulent food. It rotates slowly over the heat source, cooking evenly on all sides to produce a fantastic meal.

How to Cook With a Rotisserie

  1. First, prepare the food as desired – whether marinated chicken or rotisserie pulled pork. Run the spick through the food and tie the ingredients securely with butcher's twine to prevent them from slipping around as the rotisserie turns.
  2. Center the food on the rotisserie spit
  3. Place the rotisserie in the motor on your grill and turn it on so that the food rotates evenly. Rotate at a speed of about one rotation every 2 minutes for meats, but slower speeds are recommended for non-meat items so as not to dry them out.
  4. Make sure to keep the grill lid closed as much as possible throughout the rotisserie process to maintain the appropriate rotisserie temperature. (See "Choose the Rotisserie Cooking Times Below" for more details.)
  5. Stop the rotisserie when done.
  6. Switch off rotisserie power once the rotisserie food is cooked to desired tenderness. Remove rotisserie spit from rotisserie motor and carefully remove rotisserie food from rotisserie spits. Rest meat on a platter for 10 minutes before serving.
The Wonder of Winter Rotisserie Grilling!

Choose the Rotisserie Cooking Times

For large roasts, estimate 15 minutes of rotisserie grilling time per pound. For smaller items such as chickens and whole fish, start checking for doneness after about 12 minutes of rotisserie grilling time, or once a meat thermometer reads a minimum internal rotisserie temperature of 145 degrees F.

Keep in mind that the rotisserie grilling times will vary depending on the type of food, rotisserie temperature, and whether or not you have a rotisserie smoke box attached to your rotisserie grill.

Tips For Using Your Rotisserie

Here are some rotisserie grilling tips to keep in mind for rotisserie rotisseries.

The Wonder of Winter Rotisserie Grilling!
  • Moisture, moisture, moisture – Use a brine to lock in moisture and plan to baste repeatedly.
  • Balance – Try to symmetrically place the meat in the middle of the rotisserie skewer as best as you can. This allows for even cooking and smooth rotation for the rotisserie motor.
  • Take your time – Rotisserie takes time because it uses less heat. So set it, walk away, grab a drink, and entertain your guests until ready.  
  • Don't forget about your side dishes! Rotating meat over the rotisserie heat means you'll have plenty of flavorful juices to create tasty side dishes. Before beginning rotisserie grilling, position a pan under the rotisserie cooking grate and fill it with your favorite vegetables or other ingredients. Keep rotisserie grilling until done, occasionally stirring to keep food moist and evenly seasoned.

Rotisseries and Grill Attachments

Many grills come with rotisserie cooking options, but you can also buy rotisseries for your grill. American Made Grills includes a premium rotisserie kit with each grill purchase, and our Estate gas grill features a rear infrared burner for the rotisserie. Each grill is a masterpiece of innovation, luxurious features, and craftsmanship. Make every outdoor experience better, no matter the season, with a new grill from American Made Grills.

The Wonder of Winter Rotisserie Grilling!
February 22, 2022 — Jason Klein