Are you trying to decide between a gas or charcoal grill? If so, you are not alone. Many grillers have trouble deciding which way to go. But what if there was a third option that could offer the best of both worlds?

Introducing hybrid grills! Hybrid grills allow you to burn any fuel, giving you unprecedented control over your cooking. Let's look at what you should know about gas, charcoal, and hybrid grilling and why this is an attractive option for serious grillers.

Get the benefits of gas and charcoal with the Encore Grill

The Benefits of Charcoal

Charcoal briquettes provide an affordable, temperature-consistent fuel source for barbecuers of all levels. Made from burned wood, charcoal offers a unique smoky flavor to food that gas cannot replicate and burns at higher temperatures than many alternative fuels. The uniform size and shape of the briquettes ensure the same amount of heat can be generated in each batch and produces a neat bed of coals that can keep burning for hours.

In addition, the slow-burning nature of briquettes can save time over lump charcoal with more consistent refueling intervals. Whether gathering family or friends for a summer feast, charcoal will be the perfect companion for any special occasion.

  • Mesquite, smoky taste
  • High direct heat
  • Great sear
Gas is easy to start and control

The Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas grills provide multiple benefits to those who love to cook outdoors. For starters, they offer convenience - they heat up instantly and with a button and are much simpler to clean than charcoal grills.

Natural gas grills are also more versatile as users can precisely adjust the temperature for anything from smoking beef brisket at low heat to cooking up a quick burger on high heat. Not only does this make them great for all types of outdoor cooking, but it also enables users to get creative.

Finally, because natural gas is frequently less expensive than other energy sources and lighter than charcoal, it provides savings no matter how you look.

  • Convenience
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Temperature control
  • Environmentally friendly
The Muscle Grill - a Stylish Hybrid Champion

Best of Both Worlds: Hybrid Grills

American Made Grills have the edge when it comes to hybrid grills. These high-end grills bring all the functionality of gas and charcoal without compromising either taste or convenience. Handcrafted with exemplary stainless steel components, you can use any combination of gas, charcoal, hardwood, lump charcoal, and wood chips for smoking, direct or indirect heat cooking, or creating evenly cooked meals across the entire cooking surface. No need to decide between gas and charcoal – get the best of both worlds with the Encore and Muscle Grills from American Made Grill!

Easily start solid fuels with gas with a hybrid grill from American Made Grills

The Benefits of Hybrid Grills 

Hybrid grills allow you to cook with gas and charcoal simultaneously. This means you can use one fuel for fast searing and another for slow cooking. You can also switch between fuels during the same cooking session easily and quickly, allowing you to experiment with different techniques like direct and indirect heat. This freedom gives experienced cooks plenty of room to explore different grilling styles and expand their repertoire.

The Versatility of Hybrid Grills 

In addition to being able to switch between fuels on the fly, hybrid grills also offer more cooking surface than either gas or charcoal alone can provide. This makes them well-suited for large family gatherings or entertaining events where more food is needed than either gas or charcoal can accommodate. And because they can be used with either fuel, they are flexible enough for any style of cooking that may come up unexpectedly—from slow-smoked pork shoulder to grilled pizza!

The built in Muscle Grill elevates any outdoor space

The Craftsmanship of American Made Grills 

American Made Grills crafts high-performance hybrid grills in their Huntington Beach, CA factory. Their Encore and Muscle Grill hybrid models are designed with durability in mind; each one is made from stainless steel with heavy-duty construction for years of dependable service. They feature high-output stainless steel burners that are adjustable from low simmering heat to high searing temperatures and everything in between. They also have patent-pending fuel trays for holding solid fuel from briquettes to hardwood.

With American Made Grills hybrid grills, you get:

  1. Unmatched Versatility – With no need for two grills, burn gas, charcoal, hardwood, lump charcoal, or wood chips. 
  2. Superior Craftsmanship – Proudly manufactured in the USA with #304 stainless steel and reversible 9-gauge V-shaped cooking grates, the Muscle and Encore Grills can easily handle any grilling carnage thrown at them.  
  3. Unrivaled Power – A workhorse with up to 176,000 BTUs of raw cooking power to grill whatever you can imagine.
  4. Flexibility – Use the speed of gas to jumpstart your charcoal or use the gas to get some soaked wood chips smoking for added flavor.
  5. Style and Appeal – The Encore Grill is sleek and modern, while the Muscle Grill beams with attitude and charisma.
  6. High-End Features – Features you would expect from the best: front panel LED lighting, interior halogen lighting, and heavy-duty temperature gauge.

Take Your Barbecue to the Next Level

When investing in a new grill, consider the versatility and craftsmanship offered by American Made Grills' hybrid grills—the Encore and Muscle Grill models combine innovative design features with quality materials that produce incredible results every time they're used! With these grills, you get the best of both worlds - gas, charcoal, and more - so you can become a masterful outdoor chef who knows how to get maximum flavor out of whatever ingredients are thrown into it.

Why settle for just one fuel type when you can have them all? Try out an American Made Grill today and see what it's like to have unlimited options!