In the world of grilling, hybrid grills are a newer product that is gaining in popularity. What are hybrid grills? They are essentially a combination of two different types of grills – gas and solid fuels. This combination allows you to get the best of both worlds – the flavor and texture of charcoal or hardwood, with the speed and convenience of gas-grilled food. There are several hybrid grills on the market, but we believe that the Encore Grill and Muscle Grill from American Made Grills are the best hybrid grills available.

What are Hybrid Grills?

Multi-Fuel Loading on the Encore 54" Grill!

As we mentioned, hybrid grills use both gas and solid fuel or any combination thereof. This flexibility allows you to use either charcoal, hardwood, lump coal, pellets, or anything else for flavor and gas for convenience. The hybrid grill also has additional features that make it an excellent choice for grilling enthusiasts. For example, many hybrid grills come with a sear burner, which allows you to get that perfect sear on your steak or burger.

Depending on the grill's design, hybrid grilling offers the flexibility and innovation of grilling with a combination of fuels. The Hybrid Collection from American Made Grills uses a multi-fuel system with patented fuel trays that enable you to use any variety of solid fuels and gas. Use charcoal in a couple of trays, soaked wood chips in another for a smoky flavor, and get them all going with the powerful gas burners. The options are endless!

Why Choose a Hybrid Grill?

Using gas to light solid fuels! The Benefits of Hybrid Grills

There are several reasons why you might want to choose a hybrid grill over either a gas grill or a charcoal grill.

  1. First, as we mentioned, hybrid grills give you the best of both worlds – the flavor of charcoal or hardwood with the convenience of gas.
  2. Second, hybrid grills are often more versatile than either gas or charcoal grills, giving you more options for cooking.
  3. Third, hybrid grills usually have more features than gas or charcoal grills, such as sear burners and side burners.
  4. Finally, hybrid grills are typically made from higher-quality materials than either gas or charcoal grills, meaning they will last longer and perform better.

Encore Grill and Muscle Grill – The Best Hybrid Grills on the Market

The Hybrid Collection from American Made Grills sets the bar for hybrid grills. The Encore Grill and Muscle Grill are the best hybrid grills on the market, offering unparalleled performance, quality, and value. One grill with two designs, both models feature a multi-fuel system, all-#304 stainless steel construction, a huge grilling surface, LED lighting, innovative features, and more.

American Made. Period.

American Made Grills are manufactured in Huntington Beach, CA

With over 20 years of experience designing and supplying quality stainless grills, American Made Grills is passionate in the pursuit of providing the best outdoor cooking experience possible. As the industry expands and evolves through technology and innovation, they strive for excellence by constantly experimenting with grills, features, cooking techniques, and recipes. 

From the beginning, they have dreamt about a barbecue grill solution that combines all of the most popular and desired fuels under one hood. Imagine the possibility of searing over lump coal, sautéing over a controlled gas flame, while smoking simultaneously with mesquite wood chips, and still having room to spare. The Hybrid Collection is that solution manufactured in Huntington Beach, CA.

The Hybrid Collection

The Muscle Grill from American Made Grills

The Hybrid Collection delivers in design and function unlike any other grill available. Offering unparalleled cooking performance, style, and front panel LED lights. Choose between 36" or 54" and get five to eight 20,000 BTU burners and fully lighted interiors, making managing your cookout a delight. Easy-start flamethrower valves with backup manual lighting tubes make starting your gas, coal, or wood sources so easy and efficient that using solid fuels will no longer be a hassle. For an even more significant workload, the 54" model is capable of a whole pork rotisserie while still efficient enough to grill a burger or two quickly. The possibilities are endless, whether using coals, wood, gas, or all three instantaneously.

The Muscle Grill

Inspired by the 1969 Shelby GT 350 Mustang, the Muscle Grill is all about power, speed, and style with sturdy, high-quality stainless steel construction, high BTU output, and diverse fuel sources. Whether on a freestanding cart or as the built-in centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen, this fantastic appliance will be the envy of all. 

The Encore Grill

Encore! Encore! The Encore Hybrid Grill is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Bringing the same power and function as the Muscle Grill, the Encore Grill offers a sleek, modern exterior that brings a touch of class to any outdoor living space. The Encore Grill is a minimalistic design focusing on functionality, perfect for those who want an elegant hybrid grill that doesn't sacrifice performance.

Revolutionize Your Grilling Experience

If you’re looking for the best hybrid grill on the market, look no further than the Encore Grill and Muscle Grill from American Made Grills. With the hybrid grill, you can have it all – the convenience of gas, the flavor of charcoal, and the versatility to do both. American Made Grills has set the standard for quality and innovation with their hybrid grills, giving you the perfect excuse to upgrade your grilling setup finally. Stop settling for less than what you deserve – get a hybrid grill and start enjoying the outdoors again.

March 21, 2022 — Jason Klein