Nothing ruins a barbeque faster than dirty grill grates. And when your grates are clogged and caked with old food, your food won't cook evenly, and you'll have difficulty getting the perfect sear on your steaks. Not to mention, having dirty grill grates means you are missing out on all the delicious grilled flavor that comes from cooking over an open flame! So, if you want to keep your grilling game strong, read on for the best way to clean your grill grates. 

Grill Grates: How and Why You Should Clean Them

Reversible V-shaped grill grates

Grill grates are the gateway to delicious grilled food. But if you want that juicy steak or those perfectly grilled vegetables, you need to pay attention to your grill grates. That's right—your grill grates require cleaning. Don't worry; we're here to explain why and how you should clean your grill grates for the best results. 

Why You Need to Clean Your Grill Grates 

The first step to having great-tasting grilled food is making sure that your grill grates are clean. Dirty grill grates can cause flare-ups due to grease buildup, which can scorch or burn your food. Additionally, leftover bits of food stuck onto the grate will start burning and smoking due to direct contact with the flame beneath it. Both of these scenarios will give your food an unappetizing flavor. Regular cleaning will help ensure that this doesn't happen and that you get evenly cooked and flavorful food every time you fire up the grill. 

How to Clean Your Grill Grates

Warm soapy water is the best option to keep your stainless steel grill grates looking pristine. Just thoroughly scrub your grates with the brush and water, and dry them before placing them back in the grill.

For a deeper cleaning of your stainless steel grill, check out these resources:

In addition to giving an extra sparkle, this will improve the longevity of your prized stainless steel grill! However, never use paper products or paper towels to clean your stainless steel, as it can cause streaks and scratches to the finish. Look for non-abrasive products specifically made for your type of grill and follow the instructions carefully for optimal results.

How Often Should You Clean Your Grill Grates

The heavy-duty 9mm grill grates in the Estate Grill

The frequency at which you should clean your grill grates depends mainly on how often you use your grill. If it's only once in a while, then an annual deep cleaning may be sufficient; however, if it's more frequent, quarterly deep cleaning between uses might be necessary to maintain optimal performance. Additionally, brushing before and after each use with a wire brush will help reduce any grease or charring buildup from previous meals. 

The Benefits of Clean Grates When Grilling 

In addition to avoiding flare-ups caused by leftover debris stuck onto dirty grates, keeping them clean also has several other benefits, including the following:

  • Improving heat distribution across the entire surface of the grate
  • Preventing sticking issues when cooking delicate items such as fish or vegetables
  • Cleaning them regularly makes them last longer, so you don't have to replace them prematurely! 
  • Preventing bacteria buildup on the surface of your grill grates
  • Food will cook better because residue won't get stuck between the gaps in the grate and impede heat transfer
  • Better sear
  • Dirty grill grates can add unwanted contaminants to your food.
  • Food tastes better
The freestanding Muscle Grill with reversible V-shaped grill grates

Why American Made Grills' Grill Grates Are the Best

The Encore Grill with reversible V-shaped grill grates

American Made Grills crafts the best-quality grills guaranteed to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Offering hybrid and gas models, these grills come with reversible 9-gauge V-shaped or heavy-duty 9mm cooking grates, respectively, made from the highest quality #304 stainless steel for superior heat retention and searing. Furthermore, our Atlas Grill model uses heavy-duty 8mm square cooking grates to provide a continuous surface resistant to sticking.

American Made Grills grates provide the perfect combination of convenience, quality, and design for any outdoor chef. Their heavy-duty design ensures that food cooks to perfection, plus the spacious grates offer plenty of room for family-sized meals. Plus, with their unique construction and heat distribution, you can be sure your cooking efforts will not be hindered by uneven heat or the risk of flare-ups. The effortless cleanup process makes it easy to enjoy grilling outdoors without worrying about tedious cleanup afterward. If you're looking for a top-notch product with incredible benefits in terms of convenience and design, look no further than American Made Grills!

Clean Grill Grates make outdoor cooking better

Cleaner Equals Better Cooking Experience!

The Estate Grill with clean grill grates

Regularly cleaning your grill grates is one of the essential steps for ensuring delicious grilled meals every time you fire up the BBQ. Not only does keeping them free of debris reduce flare-ups caused by grease buildup, but it also improves heat distribution across their entire surface area resulting in more evenly cooked foods, whether steak or veggies!

And when it comes to quality construction and design—American Made Grills' process is second to none when it comes to giving home cooks amazing-tasting meals every time they cook out!

So why wait? Enjoy better-tasting grilled foods today by investing in a grill from American Made Grills - you'll never regret it!

February 20, 2023 — Jason Klein