Autumn is always a thrilling season for outdoor grilling and football, and many homeowners are ready to showcase their grilling skills to get the most out of what the season has to offer. With the football season upon us, barbeques are a necessity when it comes to throwing the perfect game day party. The Atlas Grill is your ultimate companion for Autumn grilling and game day bashes. In this post, we will explore how the Atlas Grill can help give homeowners the perfect taste of autumn grilling that will leave their guests wanting more.

Get ready for football watch parties with the Atlas Grill

Get Ready for Football with the Atlas Grill

The Atlas Grill features stainless steel construction

As the crisp autumn air fills our senses, the football season is upon us, bringing the age-old tradition of gameday bashes. And what's a football party without a delicious barbecue? Enter the Atlas Grill, your perfect partner for these backyard celebrations. Part of American Made Grills' impressive lineup, the Atlas Grill is the epitome of high-performance luxury grilling. Built entirely in the USA, this grill embodies the brand's legacy of quality and reputation.

The Atlas Grill stands out in its construction, boasting #304 stainless steel, known for its durability and resistance to rust. The 18-gauge double-lined hood protects against discoloration from high temperatures, while the full-width hood handle offers easy access.

But it's not just about the looks; it's also about performance. With its 16,500 BTU U-Tube burners and heavy-duty 8mm square cooking grates, the Atlas Grill ensures an even heat distribution for a perfect sear every time.

The Atlas Grill features powerful gas burners

The flame thrower ignition makes lighting up your grill a breeze, while interior halogen cooking lights and LED lights over each knob ensure visibility even when grilling after sundown. Heat zone separators allow for diverse cooking options, and the multi-position warming racks keep your food warm until serving time.

While the Atlas Grill is a marvel on its own, its versatility can be enhanced with optional items. These include a weather-proof vinyl grill head cover, rotisserie kit, griddle plate, smoker tray, and a stainless steel cart.

We believe in creating products that stand the test of time. Each Atlas Grill is hand-welded and perfectly finished, designed to last a lifetime.

Let the Atlas Grill elevate your backyard barbecues as you prepare for the upcoming football season. This autumn, turn your gameday bash into an unforgettable culinary experience with American Made Grills. Remember, our customer support team is always ready to assist you with any questions about our products.


The Atlas Grill boasts heavy-duty square grill grates for perfect grill marks
  • #304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 18-Gauge Double-lined Hood
  • #304 Stainless Steel Full-Width Hood Handle
  • 16,500 BTU U-Tube Burners
  • Heavy-duty 8mm Square Cooking Grates
  • Flame Thrower Ignition
  • Interior Halogen Cooking Lights
  • LED Lights Over Each Knob
  • Heat Zone Separators
  • Multi-Position Warming Racks
  • 16-Gauge #304 Stainless Steel Burner Covers
  • Built-In and Cart Models Available
  • Tested to the ANSI Z21,58 / CGA 1.6
  • Built, Factory Tested, and Serviced in the USA

Optional Items:

  • Weather-proof Vinyl Grill Head Cover
  • Rotisserie Kit w/ 40lb. Rotisserie Motor » Griddle Plate
  • Smoker Tray
  • Stainless Steel Cart
The Atlas Grill

Advantages of the Atlas Grill

Unmatched Durability

The Atlas Grill is perfect for outdoor events like football parties because of its unmatched durability. The materials used in constructing this beautiful piece of equipment have been carefully selected to withstand the harsh weather conditions expected during gameday parties. The Atlas Grill is made from premium quality stainless steel, which means it is rust and corrosion-resistant, making it the perfect grill that will last for years.

The Atlas Grill is ready for your fall grilling and football barbeques

Perfect Cooking Temperature

When it comes to making delicious barbeque dishes, temperature is critical. The Atlas Grill is designed to ensure the temperature is always optimal for grilling. The product is equipped with a high-quality thermostat that ensures the temperature is accurate, giving you the perfect conditions for cooking your favorite dishes. This feature will ensure you get the excellent smoky flavor on your meat, leaving your guests asking for more.

Convenient Features

Convenience is essential when considering the grill for Autumn grilling and game day bashes. The Atlas Grill has several convenient features that will allow you to focus more on serving your guests. One feature is its ample cooking space, perfect for grilling various food items simultaneously. Additionally, the Atlas Grill allows for quick and easy cleanup, preventing any unnecessary hassle after the party is done.

Perfect for Large Gatherings

The Atlas Grill is a perfect fit for anyone seeking to host large gatherings. Whether it's family or friends you are planning to host for game day bashes, this grill has all the features needed to make delicious meals that serve all. The Atlas Grill is built with a large cooking space that can accommodate a significant amount of food at once, reducing wait times. Plus, all its features are easy to use, making it a suitable choice for beginners and advanced cooks.

Create Memories with Autumn Outdoor Grilling and American Made Grills

Find Endless Experiences at Home with American Made Grills

Fire up the grill and gather around for an unforgettable experience with American Made Grills. Whether hosting a backyard barbecue or a Sunday football game day bash, the Atlas Grill offers everything you need for a successful cookout. With its high-quality construction and advanced temperature controls, this grill is built to last and will help you cook your favorite dishes perfectly. Its ample cooking space can handle multiple items, making it the perfect fit for large gatherings. Upgrade your grilling game today with the Atlas Grill, and get ready to impress your guests all season long.

September 05, 2023 — Jason Klein